A candle collection to brighten your day.

The Circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle that drives how all living beings function - which is deeply connected to the cycle of light and darkness. We have constant, artificial light now - so much of it that our days and nights blur together.

My goal was to design a candle collection that would help people be more present throughout the day, and bring a sense of ritual to daily rhythms.

This was inspired by my own tendency to light a candle before I put away my phone, take a deep breath, and dive into focused work. The candle flame has always represented calm but steady progress for me.

COMPANY | Self-directed project

ROLE | 100% of every step! Pouring candles. Writing copy. And my favorite part, the brand and packaging design.

SCOPE | Naming, brand identity, packaging, and illustration for a set of three hand-poured, essential oil-based candles (plus special gift packaging elements!)

circadian collection candle packaging
candle trio real life settings

A gentle wake up of lavender, grapefruit & tangerine

candle trio real life settings-3

An energizing fusion of lime, bergamot & sweet birch

candle trio real life settings-2

A warm and spicy wind-down with benzoin, clove & black pepper


Matchbox Design

To top it all off, I created a matchbox - including these awesome colorful matches I found on Etsy.

The results? 

Through this project, I explored product development and got back to my entrepreneurial roots. The final work is a simple but beautiful packaging set, with just enough extra detail to make it special.

LESSON LEARNED | If you've always wanted to try something (like creating a line of scented candles), make a plan and do it! You have nothing to lose.

Do your products struggle to stand out?

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