Adding a little magic to a conference leave-behind.

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you know that most of the stuff you pick up at the vendor booths goes straight into the trash the second people get to their hotel rooms. 

My goal was to design a leave-behind item that wouldn’t get tossed (at least not right away!).

My role as a freelancer was to help guide this project from inception to production - including coming up with the idea and designing the custom die for the card pouch.

COMPANY | Balihoo

ROLE | Concept Development, Illustration & Design

SCOPE | Come up with a killer idea for a conference leave-behind and create it! The final order was for 250 copies of this set of tarot-inspired marketing cards.

balihoo tarot cards-1

The inspiration for a set of tarot cards came from thinking about data as a "magic" insight for local marketing.

The team at Balihoo loved this idea, and we worked together to make the content both clear and clever. From there, I designed the full set of cards along with a folded mini pouch to hold them. 

balihoo tarot cards-4

The results? 

The client loved the final result (and they loved winning a Silver Rockies Award for this project)!

LESSON LEARNED | With white ink and overprinting you better mind the trap.

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