A small cookbook of my mom’s most-loved recipes.

In August 2018, my mom passed away suddenly. It was an enormous shock to me and my family. In the weeks after her passing, I decided I want to create a cookbook with all of the recipes she made so my siblings and I could each have a copy. Other family members chimed in and said they’d like a copy, so I decided to create a mini version with just the recipes she was “famous” for.

COMPANY | Self-directed project

ROLE | Design & illustration

SCOPE | 36-page cookbook with family recipes

fruit pizza

My mom was a 70s child, which is evident when you look at the recipe list (let’s just say there’s more than one kind of Jell-O salad).

I wanted the book to be something she would have loved. I used 70s-inspired typography, colors, and illustrations along with digitized bits of my mom’s handwriting.

The results? 

A larger version of this book is in progress (it takes a long time to cook and photograph over 70 recipes!), but this mini cookbook was a great start. I also recorded a Skillshare class documenting my process.

LESSON LEARNED | As difficult as it is to pick back up after that loss, I’m constantly reminded of my mom’s commitment to love and nourish the people around her. Whenever I work on this cookbook, I feel like I immerse myself in her ethos. I look forward to sharing it with my own kids someday.

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